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Is this the right time to invest in Real Estate?

If your buyers are asking you this question, these might be a few important facts you might want to share with them about the US Economy today:


  • Stock market have increased 22% since Trump took office

  • Jobless claims hit a near 5-month low in July, suggesting economic growth

  • The failure to pass a new health care reform bill has traders questioning possible tax cuts and infrastructure spending, and is supportive of lower mortgage rates

  • Overall home builders' outlook remains positive

  • Sustained 2% economic growth and projections for an optimistic 3% with the right level of investment

  • Investment under historic low level which leave room for additional growth

  • The USA is below its potential growth levels which is 2.3% to 2.4%

  • Inflation remains low and below target, and the USA has room to grow more before The Fed activates any type of inflationary pressure.

  • The Fed has been very cautious and has sustained its strategy of normalizing the economy at a slow pace, and it is expected to continue doing the same

  • Interest rates expected to remain low

  • New implemented administration policies and reform, less regulations, reduced rates and fulfilled government promises will dictate the way the markets and the economy will behave in the near future

  • In general, and according to experts, the USA is far away from another economic recession

Based on these facts, I believe that the US economy continues to be strong and feel confident about bringing more buyers into our markets. Speaking about  local markets, I would be careful though with the type of product that I offer them. In the Miami-Dade area, for example,  the single family market remains strong and still a sellers' market, whereas the condo market continues to sosften slowly, and is expected to get worse in 2018. The condo market is becoming a great market for investors looking for a deal again.

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