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Calif. Laws Prioritizes People Over Corporate Home-buyers

Tenants, affordable housing groups and local governments will get first crack at buying foreclosed homes under a measure approved Monday by Gov. Newsom. The bill is designed to keep corporations from snapping up homes and letting some fall into disrepair as they did during the Great Recession.  · The...

Assembly Bill 3182

In a desire to open up rental housing and provide home owners with more “use” choices for their property, AB 3182 is currently moving through the California Assembly. Authored by Assembly member

How To Stay Profitable In A Real Estate Recession

Most U.S. real estate markets are booming. Yet I own apartment buildings in a city where there’s a recession, and it’s hurting me.Wherever you’re investing in real estate, it will face a future ...

Ways to Support Local Businesses

 March 20, 2020 Melissa Gomez Without mincing words, times are scary. People are afraid, and beyond that there is a significant amount of uncertainty about what is to come. In times like these, it’s important to pull together as a community and support each other in any way...

10 Quarantine Supplies You Might Not Think To Stock Up On

Seeing shelves emptied of toilet paper and sanitizer quickly shows where people’s first thoughts turn when it comes to a containment. Most households think to stock up on groceries, too, but here are

A Just-Right Kitchen With Vintage Style

This sweet 145-square-foot kitchen in Piedmont, California, “is meant to be on the humble side,” says architect Robert Kelly. “Ninety-five percent of us live in small kitchens, and this kitchen has...

What is an iBuyer?

iBuyer Real Estate In 2020:THE COMPLETE GUIDE Our need for instant gratification has come to the biggest investment most people will ever make – the buying and selling of your home. The iBuyer model of buying and selling homes is one of convenience, ease of...


As many experts forecasted, fears surrounding the coronavirus have seeped into various financial markets and now the effects are being felt as the US stock market took a major hit this past week. But while other markets are being negatively affected, the real estate market remains on top....

Are you sure you own your fence?

As Robert Frost (somewhat facetiously) said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” While many people have much better relationships with their neighbors than the saying implies, there is something to be

NEW California ADU Laws in 2020: What You Need to Know

New ADU laws that take effect January 1, 2020 will make ADU development easier. ADU is the acronym for Accessory Dwelling Unit; as the name suggests, this type of small dwelling is an accessory to

California's 2020 Housing Laws: What You Need to Know

As California's housing supply and homelessness crisis continues, the State Legislature has for the past several years passed numerous pieces of housing legislation in each legislative session. (See H


Many people approach tax season with some level of trepidation. And for good reason - taxes are complicated! If you're not a tax expert, it can be daunting to dig into the minute details of tax law.

The Best Cookware Sets for Busy Kitchens

Pots and pans may look similar, but there are differences to consider when you’re shopping. To find the best cookware set for your kitchen, consider your budget and which pots you'll use most often.


Understanding tax implications, especially as a new landlord, can help you strategically approach your taxes. While the real estate rental tax landscape is complicated and easy to gloss over

The Worst Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You Can Possibly Make

I’m currently in the midst of designing several bathroom remodels and multiple bathrooms in new build homes, so I have bathroom design constantly on my mind lately. Bathrooms are one of my specialties

12 Things to Know Before Planning Your IKEA Kitchen

A few months ago, a college friend reached out to me with some questions about renovating his kitchen using IKEA cabinets. I’ve designed two of my own kitchens with IKEA kitchen cabinets and several

How Not To Suck At Design–A Non Designers Cheat Sheet

You may have heard that design is best left to the professionals, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a go yourself. If you have a good eye for design and the skills to create something truly unique, taking on a project as a non designer can be beneficial. However, it’s important...

Tenant Breaking a Lease: What to Do?

Use this guide to understand when breaking a lease is permitted, how to add terms for breaking a lease into your lease agreement and what happens if a tenant breaks a lease. Know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord Review the lease with your tenant Understand the reasons for breaking...

6 Office Remodeling Suggestions For Better Productivity

Multiple studies have shown, employees who work in cozy offices always have better productivity. A perfectly-designed office impacts positively on employee morale and health, which in turn reduces absenteeism and lack of commitment. That is why you need to try the 6 tips below on how to brighten...

Why Automation is Not a Bad Thing For Recruitment

  What could you do with your time if you were able to automate tasks such as collecting resumes from candidates, sending reminders, and updating candidate profiles into your ATS? A recruitment agency would be spending a lot of time doing what they are required to do: associating with the candidates...

Vacation Home Advice for Retirees

  Right now, there are more people 65 and up in the United States than there have been at any other time in our nation's history.  Currently, that figure stands at 15.1 percent.  Granted, not all people in their mid-60s are retired.  (According to stats from 2017, 19 percent...

How to maintain a healthy garden

It is very disheartening when the plants in your garden fall prey to disease. The question everyone asks is how exactly this came about. In the event that it spreads out will it destroy all your plants? For a fact, preventing disease when it comes to plants depends on the host, pathogens that attack...

You've decided to rent out your house. Ask these 10 questions first.

  Are you thinking of renting out your home? In that case, you need to ask these 10 questions to anyone wanting to rent your house:   1. When are you planning to move in? This is the question that shapes the rest of your engagement with the potential tenant. The answer here...

Market Prediction: Is 2019 good year to buy a house

  The first 6 months of 2019 have undoubtedly been very promising to first-time homebuyers.  Beautiful houses, with amazing scenery, alluring wall art canvases and gardens have witnessed an increase in prices that did not seem to end. However, the worrying trend has been slowing down...

Broaden Your Financing Options: Hacks for Homebuyers

.blog-img { margin: auto !important; } If you’re in the market for a new house but don’t like your financing options, you may be happy to hear that there are other, less conventional means that can help you make a purchase. Traditional financing may suit the needs of most buyers,...