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Grinder Pump


I don’t want a house that has a Grinder Pump!!!!

Like other areas in the United States, Baldwin County Sewer System sometime must require a pressure gravity sewer system. This is because some areas are not suitable for the gravity sewer system so a low-pressure sewer system is required.


My husband and I were looking at buying a new construction in Baldwin County, Alabama. The first thing we told our agent was “we don’t want a Grinder Pump”. We quickly learned that most new construction neighborhoods are required to have Grinder Pumps because the area is only suitable for low-pressure sewer systems.


The decision is made as to the type of sewer system when the roads and subdivisions and infrastructures are developed. That is when a low-pressure sewer system is installed. Each house or building that is connected to that service requires a grinder pump that pressure pushes wastewater to the main line, even if the land from home/building to the main line slopes downward.


Baldwin County Sewer Service requires Contractor and Plumbers to follow their stand specifications when installing lines, pumps and lift stations. You can visit BCSS website for these specs, maintenance and other important information about Grinder Pumps.


Well….information is good but sometime one has to give a little to get what you want. We now have a new construction house with a Grinder Pump!!