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Is your Dryer Vent a Fire Hazard?


The dryer vent is something that most people don;t think about being a fire hazard. Lent is a highly combustable material. There have been times during my real estate carreer that I have known about homes burning down due to a cloged dryer vent. 

The last time I knew of this happening I told my husband that I felt we needed to have the dryer vent cleaned. He said the house is only 3 years old and this is not a necessary expense. My reply was we have replaced 2 heating elements in our dryer within a year and I smell a singe oder when I take the clothes out of the dryer. He said it is because the dryer is old. 

For once I didn't listen to him and call a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company to clean the vent out. My husband made sure he was present to let me know I was wrong. I was not wrong!!! The vent was packed and we were all supprised at how much lent came out.  The picture below is not of our dryer vent.

We used that dryer for several more years and didn't have to replace the heating element again. 

So call a professional to clean your dryer vent before you have to call these professionals.

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