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Have you had your Fortified Home re-certified?

Here is some information most people that buy a Gold Fortified or any Fortified home is not usuall told at the time of purchase or at closing.

In order to keep the Fortified Certificate you will need to have your home inspected every 5 years in order to maintain the Certification. Loosing the Certification could result in your Home Owners Insurance going up. The inspector checks for any changes in the structure, ie removal of walls or changes in the attic structure ie removal of roof truses or additions that effect the interigory of the roof. Below is a link with the Important Facts you need to know about maintaining your home Certification. This includes what, when, who, why and how you go about this.


Here is a link to a site that explains the 3 different Fortifications and includes a video.


As always, go to our website and look under "Vendors" for your home maintaince needs.

Martha Garner