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Closing Time

I sing the song by Semisonics everytime I utter the words 'closing time'....(insert humming 'I know who I want to take me home'). In my 8 weeks of being a real estate agent, I have had the privilege of attending four closing times - one I was shadowing and the other three were my own clients. I call it a privilege because it really is the final step in a long process for not only me, but for my buyers or sellers. They've been thinking and preparing for this moment for a long time. 

Here is what I have learned in my short amount of time doing closings. 

Be excited about it, it's a great day. Shit might have gone down leading up to this point...inspections might have been hard, expectations might not have been met in the way that you hoped, but put all that aside and be excited. THIS IS YOUR HOUSE!! It's a day worth celebrating. So many new adventures are going to happen in this house and very soon it's going to go from being someone elses, to being yours. 

Eat some protein before you come in. You will be signing a lot of documents and will want to keep the brain fog away while you are doing it so you understand what's going on. All the closings I have been to so far always have cookies or chocolate and always offer you water or coffee but for me, sugar just exacerbates everything and makes me even more nervous..so I try to stay away from it. 

Wear readers and forgot them? Don't worry, most closing tables have them...along with nice pens (says the pen junkie), tissues, writing paper and comfy chairs. 

Don't do anything that morning that would tire out your dominant hand....again, you have a lot of papers to sign. 

Take your time. Don't understand something? Ask. Don't sign anything that isn't clear to you or doesn't make sense...that may come back to bite you later on. Your realtor is there for moral support at this point and along with your closing agent, you have a wealth of information available to you. So far every closing agent I have met has been awesome. They know their shit and can answer any question you might have. 

Have a moment to celebrate. Whether it's with your family, you loved one, your friends or your agent. Celebrate what you just did. You've worked hard to get to this point and you are now part of the 65% of the US that owns a home. That's big news. 

Take a minute to breathe it all in. I think, if I just finished at the closing table and had the keys to my brand new home that I would want to race over (if you have immediate possession of course) and just breathe it all in for a moment. See it empty. Dream about what I'm going to do and where, before I start filling it with stuff.

See the canvas that you have just spent years of your life working to obtain...and smile. 

You did it. 

You bought a house.