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10 Reasons to Live, Work and Play in Myrtle Beach SC!


1. America’s Golf Course Destination  

Enjoy the view of one of our town’s many golf courses, right from your screened deck. 

2. Oceanview/Oceanfront Condos

Why not turn your annual family vacation into an investment?  Purchase your ocean front home away from home and  rent it to others the remaining weeks each year. Many of our my short term rental owners cover 100% of their unit's costs.

3. Become an investor 

I have access to a few shortsale and foreclosures on the market. Buy now before they are completely gone and allow the tenant pay for your mortgage via their rent.

4. Students

Why pay out of state tuition when you can use that money to purchase a property near the one of the local higher education opportunities? Why should you pay someone else’s mortgage?  Better yet, get a roommate to help pay your mortgage!

5. Property Taxes are Cheap 

It’s true. Our county tax system is inexpensive. There are no additional school taxes. For someone living here full time, a $200,000 home will be taxed approximately $800 per year.

6. The Weather is Fabulous 

We don’t see too much of that white stuff, if at all! Toss the shovel and move to the South. Sources show our annual average temperature is 64 degrees. Although we don’t have snow, we also don’t have as many stifling days as Florida.

7. Who Wouldn’t Want to Live in a Resort Town

Your resale value in Myrtle Beach is strong. If, for some unfortunate reason, you need to sell your home, be assured there are always people looking to invest in the Myrtle Beach area.

8. 100% Financing Options

For those who do not have a down payment option, you should consider the Longs and Conway areas. Lenders will provide 100% financing for those two towns!

9. Intracoastal Waterway Living

There are numerous communities along the ICW. Enjoy beautiful sunsets!


10. And Don't Forget the Shows, Shopping, Entertainment, and More!