8 Reasons You Should Definitely List Your Home During the Holidays

Here is a great Article from our friend Kathryn Newman

"I've been in full-time Real Estate for 20 years and it still blows my mind that people believe listing their homes over the holidays is a bad idea. Say what???? 

I get that from Halloween until New Year's Eve we are all much busier with life. There's shopping to be done, travel plans to make, pumpkins to carve, costumes to create, pies and cookies to bake, turkeys and hams to baste, decorating, office parties, neighborhood parties, party parties...whew, the list seems endless! And let's not forget that all of these things come with constant grocery store visits and endless house cleaning while we still try to maintain our jobs and families. 

Truth is, the Holiday Season can be exhausting...but when it comes to selling your house, the Holiday Season can be your best chance at selling your home for the best price the market will allow in the shortest amount of time and give you more options in negotiations than at other times of the year. 

Here are 8 reasons why listing your home during the Holidays is definitely a wise idea:

  1. Less Competition - Like most of us, the Holiday Season is chaotic and most people either take their homes off the market or wait until the new year. This decision is a crucial mistake because the basic law of supply and demand teaches us that less supply means higher price.      
  2.  Motivated, Serious Buyers - Most people have more time off during the Holidays, so serious buyers use this time to look for a home and go under contract. Some need to close by the end of the year for financial or tax purposes.
  3. Capitalize on Holiday Decor - A Holiday home is a cheerful, cozy home. Buyers will imagine themselves in your home with their loved ones over the Holiday Season. Make sure you use tasteful decor, however. Too much is too much. Ask a stager to add just the right amount of the Holidays to your home when having it staged for sale.
  4. Buyers are more emotional during the Holidays - We've all heard that a home purchase is an emotional purchase and buyers tend to be more emotionally driven during the Holiday Season. Home buyers during the Holiday Season are also already geared up for spending money on various Holiday things, so expect your properly staged home to entice them all the more.
  5. January is a traditionally-known month for transfers - Many employees that are transferring will do so in the New Year month of January, so having your home on the market over the Holidays will capture these buyers needing to close on a house in January so that kids can start the new school semester in their new school location.
  6. Can Negotiate Restricted Hours & Negotiate More Terms of Contract - Since your home will be listed over the Holiday Season, people are more likely to understand if you have to restrict the hours or days that your home can show. You can still have time off from showing appointments to visit with friends and family but make sure those restricted times/days don't discourage a serious buyer who needs to see your home while they have the time to do so. Also, a contract written during the Holiday Season is more likely to work with you on an extended closing date so as not to interfere with the important Holiday timing.
  7. Snowbird & Foreign Buyer Season - In Florida, not only is the Holiday Season the beginning of our  Snowbird season, it's also a Foreign Buyer season since many foreign buyers visit our state over the Holidays. It's a Win-Win!
  8. More Festive Open House Opportunities - The Holiday Season offers more opportunities for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to holding an Open House. Have your agent share impactful ideas and plans to make the most of the Holiday Season to entice buyers to view your home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, it's obvious that there are fewer homes for sale over the Holiday months and fewer homes for sale means more money in your pocket! Don't overlook this strategic time of the year to market your home for sale.

If you'd like to take advantage of this Holiday Season and have these smart advantages work for you in the selling of your home, call me today. I'll devise a custom marketing plan to expose your home to every prospective buyer and even stage your home for free, using your contents and pieces from my own inventory, in order to position your home above the average competition!"