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What's New with Oceanwide Plaza


 We meet with the OceanWide team frequently to keep you in the loop on this exciting project. We would like to share with you our updates on the OceanWide Plaza development as of May 2018.   If you would like to be on the priority list to tour the building before it's open to the public, contact me at 323-356-6268 or Abraham@prebroker.com.


Construction Timeline:  Sales Office is scheduled to open Jan 2019, and Construction is scheduled to finish 2019-2020.


Amenities, Features, and Floor Plans: 

  • Tower#1 (Park Hyatt Tower) will have amenity deck of approx 2 acres on the 23rd floor.  Below the 23rd floor will be Park Hyatt Hotel rooms.
  • Tower #2 & Tower #3 will have amenity deck on 8th floor.
  • All units will have a balcony 
  • There will be a movie theatre and a Fitness Wellness Program collaboration with Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak.


Property Floor Plans and Size:

  • The smallest 1BR floor plan will be ~928 sqft.
  • Tower#1 2BR floor plan will range 1800-2800 sqft.
  • Tower#2 & Tower#3 2BR floor plan will range 1300-2200 sqft.
  • 60% of all units will be 2BR.  20% of all units will be 1BR.  20% of all units will be 3BR.
  • 2BR floor plans will be located in the middle & on the side of the towers.
  • Tower#1 Pent House units are 4BR: flat that is 5700-6200 sqft or duplex that is 7600-9000 sqft.
  • Tower#2 & Tower#3 Pent House units are 3BR: flat that is 2200-2300 sqft or duplex that is 2800-3200 sqft.
  • Note Duplex floor plans are only available on the PentHouse levels.

Tentative Offer Price and HOA fees:

  • Average sales price will be $1100-1500/sqft ($1400/sqft blended). Park Hyatt residence will be approx. $1500/SF
  • HOA for Tower#2 & Tower#3 units will be ~$1.20-$1.30/sqft.
  • HOA for Tower#1 Penthouse units will be ~$1.90-$2.00/sqft.

Stay tuned for more updates soon. To be on our buyer priority list to view floor plans before it's open to the public, contact me at 323-356-6268.