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November 2019 Phoenix Sales Report

Phoenix truly has a housing shortage and new construction cannot make up the difference.  

Home Flipping is a Flop

Right now house flipping is a flop for most investors.

3D Printed Homes?

I don't think it's a 3D printed home technically but the concept is similar.

How Real Estate has Changed for Real Estate Brokers

I don't think it spells the end to the real estate brokerage as we know it but the changes that are still coming. 

2019 Desert Hills Car Show Results

We raised $1155 that was donated to our partner charity Saving Paws AZ a dog rescue. 

Chilli Cook Off Update - Check Ceremony to Food Bank

Dominion Group Properties raises $2500 for the Local Food Bank.

September Real Estate Update

The market needs more homes for sale and for rent. 

Build to Rent?

Here is Phoenix, in the right areas it might actually pay dividends in terms of capital appreciation and of course income from rent.  

Shorting Zillow's Stock?

The part that blows me away is that in a seller's market, Zillow isn't turning a profit on it's IBuying program.  What happens when the market turns?

Mortgage Update from Curt Lovejoy

So there is no better time to buy a home than when you need to and the low mortgage interest rates.  Lower rates make the homes more affordable.

2019 Chili Cook Off - DGP Raised $2500 For the Local Food Bank

Thank You All. We raised $2500 for the Food Bank! Last weekend Dominion Group Properties hosted the 8th Annual Bison Town Chili Cook-off. Twelve teams total participated in this annual event in Overgaard, AZ. Our world-famous Cincinnati Chili wasn't as famous as we had hoped! There is always next...

Tips to Fix Your Credit Score

Often, in an effort to make you less desirable to their competitors, some creditors will not post your proper credit line.  Showing less available credit can negatively impact your credit score.  I

Market Update July 2019

However, getting buyers a home is a difficult process and buyer fatigue is rampant.  More than a few buyers have decided to go back into renting due to losing out on multiple properties. 

Real or Fake? That is the Question!

Great article on Real vs. Fake grass? 

Found this online and I thought I would share...

I had always known Shakespeare had played a large part in English literature but I didn't realize how much his plays made it into modern day English.  Enjoy the article.  Click here to read. ...

June 2019 Market Snap Shot for Phoenix

Inventory is low so the number of sales and pending sales will logically be lower as well.  The demand is still there as buyers are scrambling to find available inventory.  

It's the Experience that Matters! Great Article from Inman News.

Brokerages and Agents who focus on making the experience easy and transparent will undoubtedly not only survive but thrive in the economy to come in the next 5 to 10 years.  That is where our value as

Why Single Family Homes are Great Investments

Like any investment, real estate is not for all people.  That being said taking the time to discuss your investment goals with a broker, like me, can be a worthwhile exercise.  

Big Money Investors

My guess is they see the demographic wave of buyers, many of which are still on the sidelines either renting or living with family.  This wave is finally starting to buy but they face tough

Update on Lending to Manufactured Homes

Our brokerage has helped a few clients recently buy vacant ground and help plant a manufactured home with well and septic in Phoenix.  This story in the WSJ talks about the new loan products out there

Phoenix Housing Market In the News

I read this article in the WSJ today.  It's a great primer on the housing market and the forces that have helped shape it over the last few years.  The article goes into some depth about why big money

Market Update June 2019

I am sharing with you today the market stats for the Phoenix metro market.  I love this report because of the information and graphics make it easy to understand the dynamics in today's market.