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Is your Lexington home really a "tear down" ?

A developer offered the Lexington homeowner $700,000 to purchase the home claiming it was a teardown. He said that a Realtor could not get any more for it and it would be a  "hassle" to list it!  Other Realtors had said that it was not worth more than $800,000!

I met with the homeowners at Webster Road in Lexington and explained to them that with my staging service, marketing expertise, and excellent negotiation skills, I could get them at least $949,000, far more than the $700,000 they were offered by the developer! So, I took care of everything and sold it in 20 days for $962,000! That's a $262,000 gain for the homeowner, that is certainly worth taking a second look at my services. 
Lexington  CALL me today, I can help you get top dollar for your home!