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FIX It Up Friday - Declutter

Each Friday, I'm going to be sharing a quick & easy tip for fixing up your home. First up: let's talk decluttering. ⁣

When it comes to home decor, less is definitely more.⁣

A few well-placed but functional items are always better than dozens of delicate trinkets. If you’re feeling bogged down and ready for a change, freshen up your space with a serious declutter. ⁣

Not sure you’re ready to part with your glass hummingbird collection? No worries — just pack ‘em away and see how you like your clutter-free counters and tabletops. My guess is that you’ll love it — a lot.⁣

So if you’re tired of knick-knacks and over-stuffed drawers, grab some trash bags or storage totes and get to work — you’ll feel like your fav spaces just doubled in size!⁣