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The First Night In Your New Home


The closing documents are signed, and the ink has dried. All that’s left is to pack, unpack, and kick your feet up in your new home. ⁣

⁣Minimize the packing chaos with these tried-and-true tips:⁣

⁣Before anything else — declutter. Long before moving day, clean out closets, attics, drawers, and basements. The less you have, the quicker it’ll be to move. I seriously can’t emphasize this enough.⁣

⁣Have a First Night in the New Home Kit prepared: you’ll need bedding and basic toiletries your first night, so pack an “essentials” bag and keep it with you during your move. (Some examples are in this photo!)⁣

⁣Plan ahead and order moving boxes, heavy-duty packing tape. And I can personally attest — wardrobe boxes are uh-mazing.⁣

⁣Label your boxes. The more specific your labels, the bigger jumpstart you’ll have when you unpack. You can even color-code labels for easier identification. ⁣

⁣Hire the right people. Ask co-workers or neighbors for moving company recommendations (or I can send you mine!). If you’ve got some able-bodied friends, keep expenses to a minimum with a DIY move. Dish out payment (and gratitude) in the form of pizza and beer afterward. ⁣

⁣Packing doesn’t have to be overwhelming — just take it one box at a time. Looking for your next home? I’d love to chat.⁣