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Lighten Up

See your home in a whole new light with this week’s Fix-it-Up Friday. ⁣

Tired of droopy ceiling fan blades or bulky can lights? Freshen up your home’s lighting for under $100 bucks in just a couple hours. ⁣

Here’s how:⁣

• Replace discolored can lights with energy-efficient LEDs. A simple project any DIYer can do, say goodbye to your 1990s-style lights for around $25 and five minutes of your time.⁣

• Install dimmers. If you’re a savvy DIYer, take the next step and install a dimming switch on your new lights.⁣

• Consider replacing ceiling fans. While some are saying sayonara to ceiling fans altogether, you don’t have to. If you can’t part with the added breeze, replace your current fan with a more modern one from your local home improvement store.⁣

New lighting warms up your home, increases its value, and breathes life into old spaces. Whether you’re planning to sell or stay put, consider a lighting upgrade to freshen up your home.⁣