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Fix-it-Up Friday is back, and this week our tip is totally free and only requires a little elbow grease!⁣

Let’s talk about freshening up your home by rearranging your living room. Consider these designer recommendations:⁣

• Declutter by removing accent pieces sitting on the floor or items no longer functional in your space.⁣

• Pull couches away from the walls. Having all the furniture against the walls is one of the biggest mistakes people make.⁣

• Create conversation areas with your furniture so guests can comfortably talk without straining or shouting.⁣

• Leave enough room around your furniture to walk from one side of the room to another.⁣

Sometimes a fresh look at a familiar space is all you need to instantly upgrade your home’s look and feel. ⁣

Happy Friday, all. Have a wonderful weekend!⁣