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Fix it Friday

Ahhhh, pillows. Don’t you just wanna kick up your feet and settle in for a nice long nap? ⁣
This week’s Freshen-Up Friday is about all things light and fluffy.⁣
If you wanna transform your living room or bedroom on a shoestring budget, do it by changing up your throw pillows. Need an easy-peasy formula to follow when you’re staring at rows and rows of accent pillows? Here you go.⁣
Think in groups of three and choose a big print, a small print, and a solid. Your big print should be on your largest pillows. Plaids and stripes work well as small prints. Don’t be afraid to pull pillows off the store shelves and line them side-by-side. Holiday pillows are also super cute and can be rotated in and out all year long. ⁣
Have a great weekend — and happy pillow-shopping!⁣