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Is New Construction a Good Option For You?


I LOVE helping my clients build their dream home from the ground up. However, it's important to make sure that building your home rather than buying an existing one is the right choice for you.⁣

These questions can help you make the right move:⁣

1. How soon do you need to move into a new home?⁣
If your answer is --soon, less than 3-6 months, new construction may not be a great option for you. ⁣

2. Do you like to work on home projects and do-it-yourself?⁣
If your answer is no, new construction may be a good fit. With everything brand new, all of your customizations chosen, and a home warranty you won't need to do any fixing up for a while.⁣

3. Are you looking for something specific?⁣
If your answer is yes, new construction may be a good option. You'd be able to build something that fits your needs and desires. Plus, if you can find land in your desired location, your dream home awaits!⁣

For all of this information and more, grab your free copy of my New Construction Guide! *Message me, link in bio, comment below, etc*⁣