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Tips For Sprucing up Your Patio


As the sweltering summer temps come down just a smidge, get your patio ready for backyard barbeques and football games this fall. All you need is a free Saturday and a little bit of grit to give your backyard oasis a fresh look. Here’s how to get started:
• A pressure sprayer is your new best friend. You gotta start with a clean slate, and there’s no easier way to do that than with a pressure sprayer. Rent one from your local home improvement store or, better yet, borrow one from a friend.  
• A can of spray paint is your second bestie. Give tired metal patio furniture or blah planters a facelift with a fresh coat of spray paint. Clean items with an all-purpose cleaner and use a spray primer on any rusty spots. Questions? A paint specialist at any hardware store can get you exactly what you need.
• Lights, seating, action! With a few whimsically-strung lights and some comfortable seating, you’ll be ready for all the action. Order indoor/outdoor LEDs and pick up a few affordable plastic Adirondacks in vibrant colors.
• A fire pit for the finish. Get a jumpstart on outdoor living with a fire pit perfect for chilly fall evenings. For less than $100, grab a stand-alone pit and start stockpiling marshmallows and chocolate bars — you’re gonna need ‘em.
Breathe new life into your backyard this fall with an updated and welcoming patio!

Be sure to snap some before and after pics to show us, too!