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New Construction


Closing on a new construction home: Is it different than closing on a pre-owned home? Yes! Here are a couple of things to remember:
• Walkthroughs:
You will need to check on every phase of construction to double-check that everything is done according to plan. Even the best builders have miscommunications, mix-ups on orders, or problems with installations. Plan on visiting the home daily once it gets dried-in.
• Optional Inspection:
Even though your home is brand-new, you might still want to have a home inspection done. Sometimes an inspector will catch something that slipped past the contractor and code enforcement.
• The Punch List:
Closing day on new construction differs slightly from a pre-owned home in that there is often a “punch list” of items the builder is responsible for finishing up either on closing day or shortly afterward. This may include cleaning, touch-up painting, installing landscaping, or changing out locks. You should have the opportunity to go through the house with the builder shortly before closing to add items you notice to the punch list.
Having a real estate agent walk you through the new construction process is a huge benefit to you, and it's paid for by the builder! If you're considering buying new, send me a message or call me directly!