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To Do List

Got a to-do list a mile long? Yeah, me too. Sigh. Let’s tackle it together with these surefire tips:
• But first, brain dump. Sometimes we can’t make progress on our to-dos because our brains are so full of other thoughts, plans, and intentions. Before pulling out your list, grab your phone or a blank sheet of paper and do a brain dump of all those thoughts swirling around.
• Create a task snowball. Tackle your to-dos in this order: Complete the tasks you can knock out in the shortest amount of time first. This gives you some easy wins under your belt and carries momentum into your next task.
• Know your rhythms. If morning is your productivity sweet-spot, use those hours to tackle tasks that require the most mental bandwidth. Save the afternoon for your more administrative and routine to-dos. Flip-flop this plan if you’re the opposite.
None of us will ever reach productivity bliss — but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep trying, growing, and learning. So let’s get after it today!