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Fall is Here

I couldn't have waited one more second! Fall is here, and I, for one, have my sweaters and scarves all lined up and ready at the slightest hint of a cool down. ⁣

But ya know what? Fall isn’t just for cozy outfits and pumpkin lattes—it’s also a great time to sell your home! Here’s why: ⁣

• With your yard still summer green and the leaves beginning to change, fall is the perfect backdrop for your home to make a stunning first impression. After all, listing photos are a big deal—95% of buyers look online before even talking with an agent.⁣
• Fewer homes on the market = less competition. Not to mention, buyers who are looking this time of year are serious about making a purchase.⁣
• Have you seen interest rates lately? They’re lower than they’ve ever been which means buyers are eager to buy when the right home comes along. My sneaking suspicion? Your home is exactly what someone is looking for right now.⁣

If you’re thinking about selling but can’t decide between listing now and waiting until after the holidays, now is the time. Give me a call, and let’s tie the whole process up in a pretty red bow long before the new year.⁣