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Gallery Walls - Decorideas

You love gallery walls, and you have the perfect space for one. But you're terrified of messing it up. You need someone (anyone!) to hold your hand. Great news! Help is here.⁣

1. Start with the art. Vintage, modern, or flea market finds—anything goes!⁣
2. Choose like-colored frames and mats. Going eclectic? Different shades of wood nail the look.⁣
3. Lay frames out on the floor and try several arrangements before choosing your fave. Snap a pic to use for reference as you hang.⁣
4. Grab a level to place your first pic. If you don't, all your work may end up on a slant.⁣
5. After getting your first pic just right, use painter's tape to mark equal amounts of space between the rest of the frames. Two inches is a good place to start. ⁣

Ready to give it a go? You can do it! There's no doubt a gallery wall will completely transform your space.