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What's a Contingency?

So you got an offer (score!), but it has a contingency (hmm..). Here's what you need know:⁣

• First, cheer up! A buyer loves your home—so much so that⁣
   he or she put in an offer (seriously, they really like it!).⁣
• There's just one little catch (AKA the contingency). In order⁣
   to buy your home, the buyer wants—or needs—something⁣
   else to  happen—like their financing to come through, the⁣
   inspection to come back clean, the appraisal to prove⁣
   worthy, or their current home to sell.⁣
• As long as the contingencies are met within the given⁣
   timeframe (usually 60 days)—the deal is as good as⁣
   done. ⁣

When you get an offer with a contingency, talk it over with your realtor to make sure it works for you. If the market is hot, keep in mind another offer without a contingency may be just around the corner. ⁣

Are you thinking of selling sometime in 2021? I'd love to work with you—reach out today!⁣