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So...what’s a minimalist, you ask?⁣
Intrigued or think you might be one deep down?⁣

Here are a few thoughts from Minimalism Made Simple. A minimalist:⁣

• Wants less material things and doesn't need the latest gadget to feel content and satisfied.⁣
• Feels stressed by clutter around the house or too many things on the calendar.⁣
• Hates when it takes too long to tidy up and put things in their place.⁣
• Can’t stand the thought of wasting time. Instead, they want that time for meaningful pursuits.⁣
• Prefers thoughtful saving and planning to gotta-have-it-now splurges.⁣

True minimalists swear the trade-offs are worth it—giving up material things that won’t last for clear-headed peace and happiness.⁣

What do you think—could you be a minimalist? Ever had a season of living minimally? Share in the comments below.