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Limited Inventory

I'm often asked what I expect will happen in the upcoming months in the real estate market. While I don't have a crystal ball, here are a few reasons you can expect 2021 to remain off the charts:⠀⁣

⠀⁣1. Limited inventory. Many areas are experiencing housing shortages. Having more buyers than sellers creates a strong market, and typically offers at or above asking. ⠀⁣

⠀⁣2. Under-construction. All around the US, homes are currently being built by MILLIONS. ⠀⁣

⠀⁣3. Record equity markets and stimulus money. Not only does it make people wealthier, but it also makes them feel richer. Moods often fuel markets as much as money does. ⠀⁣

⠀⁣4. High demand! As millennials come of age to buy, demand continues to increase exponentially. ⠀⁣

⠀⁣5. The optimism of spring! Spring markets fuel optimism, hope, and renewal. ⠀⁣

⠀⁣If you're looking to buy or sell, now is the time! Send me a message and let's get the ball rolling.

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