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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day — a day to remember how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it. This year’s theme: Restore Our Earth.⁣

⁣I often wonder how little-ole-me can do anything meaningful or significant enough to make a difference. Truth is, by myself, I really can’t. But as we band together in small ways our impact will surely multiply! ⁣

⁣Here are 10 things if we all committed to at home would have a tremendous impact on our planet: ⁣

⁣• Select appliances with high energy-efficiency ratings.⁣

• Repair leaky faucets (Five drips a minute equals 262 gallons a year!).⁣

• Use reusable grocery bags.⁣

• Consider a drip irrigation system.⁣

• Clean refrigerator coils.⁣

• Use cold water when washing clothes (HE washers and modern detergents make hot water optional.)⁣

• Purchase wool dryer balls (these are amazing!).⁣

• Unsubscribe from catalogs and junk mail lists.⁣

• Set your printer to print two-sided.⁣

• Bump the thermostat down. (68 degrees is the most energy-efficient temp in the winter; 78 in the summer.) ⁣

⁣Join me in celebrating Earth Day right at home in the smallest of ways! And as always, please reach out if I can help or serve YOU in any way.⁣

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