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Buying and Selling at the Same Time


Wanna buy a house but have a home you need to sell, first?

There are a lot of nuances of both selling and buying at the same time.

Thankfully - that's why working with a real estate agent (cough, cough - subtle plug) will help alleviate a lot of the pressure when it comes to upgrading your lifestyle! 

Now, let's just chat about the 3 basic steps to buying and selling at the same time!

 Determine your why.

Why do you want to make the move? How many beds and baths do you want? Do you want a big yard? What are your deal breakers?

 Find out how much equity you have in your current home.

A real estate agent can help you with this at no cost! Appraisers will charge anywhere from $500-800 for this.

Get your home listed & start searching!

There are terms protecting you from selling if you don't find the right house for your next move so there are fewer risks than you may imagine!

If you're wanting to know more about how much your home could sell for in this market as well as costs associated, DM me 'guide' and we can get you set up with a FREE seller's guide that walks you through steps 1-3 in-depth!