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Investing in Yourself


Investing in yourself is one of the most terrifying things you can do...

But what we often forget is you've already invested in yourself at one point or another...

Maybe that was in the form of:

 a college education

 attending a trade school

 starting your own business

Or something else... (like underwater basket-weaving?!)

Investing in yourself is terrifying no matter who you are, simply because all the "what-if" scenarios arise (usually in the middle of the night when you're trying to sleep).

However, let me remind you - when you DO make that investment and give it your 110% effort, when has it not paid off?

Every day, you're gaining more and more life experience (#likeaboss) & stepping up to the discomfort that arises.

In those moments of uncertainty...

... it's time for you to remember: you've invested in yourself before & you CAN do this, too!

So let's celebrate YOU - what's been your FAVORITE investment so far?

 Tell me in the comments below!