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10 Recommendations To Boost Curb Appeal Before Listing Your Home

Curb appeal is important to draw potential buyers to your neighborhood as well as sceduling a showing to view your house. Here are 10 recommendations to boost your curb appeal before putting your house on the market. 


1. Paint your front door an inviting color. 

  -A clean and colorful door is a perfect way to enhance your property. Choose colors that coordinate with you homes features. Colors such as: teal, yellow, navy, red, and sea-foam green work well. You can pick up a quart of door paint at your local hardware store or order online starting at around $13.00.

2. Pressure wash your house and walkways.

  -When preparing to sell your home you want to make sure it is clean and free of mold and mildew. If you do not own a pressure washer you can rent one or hire someone local to do this for you. 

3. Plant colorful flowers in the front yard or place a seasonal planter by your front door. 

  -Flowers are a guaranteed way to boost curb appeal. Make sure to pick fresh, colorful, and seasonal flowers that pop remember to water them often and use fresh pine-straw or mulch where needed. 

4. Cut grass, edge your walkways, and pull weeds.

  -Keeping your yard well maintained until closing on your home is extremely important. We recommend mowing your lawn at least once a week while keeping weeds under control.  

5. Trim all shrubs and trees.

  -You want to make sure that shrubs aren't blocking walkways, the entrance, or windows, and that tree limbs are not hanging over your roof. 

6. Clean your gutters.

  -Make sure all debris is clear from gutters so that they drain properly. 

7. Clear your rooftop of all debris. 

  -It is unattractive to have limbs, pine-straw, or leaves visible on the roof at anytime. You can sweep, rake or blow them off. Maintain this till closing. 

8. Place a welcome mat at the front door.

  -You want your home to be inviting and make buyers feel welcome. You can keep it neutral or seasonal. 

9. Make sure outdoor light fixtures are clean and working properly.

  -Replace light bulbs to make your home visible from the road at night. Make sure to keep the lights on at night every night. Make sure light fixtures are free of dust, cobwebs, and bugs. If they are dull remove them, spray paint them and replace.

10. Make your mailbox appealing.

  -Clean with a mild detergent. If the post is weathered a fresh coat of paint will make it look like new. You can also add a little extra appeal by planting a few seasonal flowers around the base. 


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