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Drone Photography, is it worth it?

Should you use drone photography when selling your home? 

The answer is absolutely!  Drone photography adds a unique perspective, gets more clicks, and highlights your location.

Professional photography is probably the least expensive and highest impact tool you can deploy when selling a home.  Let's face it, home buyers today do most of their shopping online and skip many desirable homes because of bad photography.  Lets look at two images to see the difference between drone and ground images.

Ground image.  Due to the rise in elevation, the image is distorted and half of the house is not visible because of the tree:

On the drone shot, the photographer is able to rise up and capture the entire home.  The angle gives this shot a 3D feel too.

Drone photography offers an eye catching glimpse of a home, and done correctly can generate lots more clicks!  However, you must hire a professional drone photographer that knows how to capture real estate images. 

Just because you're using a drone, doesn't mean you have to go 200 feet in the air to capture the best image.  The best images can be taken from just a few feet off the ground:

What makes this image stand out?  It's well balanced with good post production processing.  Because the drone is elevated, you can't even see the construction vehicle parked in front

Now let's look at a so-so image below:

Too high. This image offers a great view of the roof, but it's difficult to see the beautiful exterior features. Notice the fish eye feel of the image?  It has a rounded feel, like you're looking through a snow globe.  This can be caused by two things; low quality drone/lens, or no post production processing.  

One of the best reasons to use drone photography is to show off your location and amenities. 
Here's a couple of examples of how much more information a drone image conveys to a buyer:

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