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Buyers Checklist

When you are first getting started on your home search use this buyers checklist.   You will have plenty of options of where to live and what style home to buy. Buying a home is a major decision.  If you know what features you must have, it will help you narrow the search.


1.  School districts and feeder patterns

(For more, visit "Schools" page on this site).

2.  Is there a particular neighborhood or area that you prefer?

3.  How close do you need to be to shopping districts, work, places of worship?

4.  Do you need to be close to public transportation.

(For more, visit "Transportation" on this site).

5.  Do you prefer a new home or an older home.  If you prefer an older home, do you have the means to provide repairs and renovation?

6.  Do you need a fenced yard for pets?

7.  What type of heating do you prefer? (Oil, Gas, Electric)

8.  Consider your lifestyle.  Do you need to be close to parks, exercise facilities?

9.  Do you do want to home that is in a community with associations or deed restrictions?

10.  What style is best for you?  Single Family Detached or Townhome?


Once you have all your questions answered about where to live, a custom search can be created.  Working with your Realtor is very valuable so you can be sure you receive updates. Once a search is defined, you can be among the first to know when that perfect home becomes available.


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What features do I need or want?

After selecting a location, next you it’s best to narrow your search further.  Decide what features are most important to you and your family. As you search for homes, you may find that you are willing to give up certain features you want to get others that you need.  Having a clear idea of what is most important will help. You may find a great home that seems to be fantastic, but once you look back at your must have list, you may realize it’s missing some important items.  Or you might find a home that has everything you need and most of what you want. Our goal is to find a home that meets as many needs and wants as possible!


Home Features:

Must Have

Would Like to Have

Bedrooms (# )


Bathrooms (# )


Eat-in Kitchen


Family Room






Finished Basement




Hardwood Floors




Natural Lighting




Yard Size


Patio or Deck




Central Air Conditioning


Heating (Oil, Gas, Electric)




Nice View


Hot Tub or Garden Tub


Formal Dining Room