Ask The Assessor: WHAT AM I PAYING?

How is my tax bill calculated?
Your tax bill is calculated using the assessed value of your property (determined by our office at the time of purchase or ownership change)*, the State's tax rate of 1%, and any special taxes levied by local government or special districts (on average .25%).

In the photo below, Jane Doe's property tax amount (her home's assessed value, multiplied by the State's tax rate of 1%) is circled in red. Fees listed just below that (circled in yellow) are special taxes levied by her city, county, water and school districts.

* Your assessed value never changes beyond a maximum 2% CPI, unless there is new construction or a change to your property's title.
I received a Supplemental Tax Bill. Aren't Supplemental Taxes paid during the close of escrow?
No. Supplemental taxes are not covered during the purchasing/selling process of a property. Your supplemental taxes are the difference between what the taxes were for the seller, and what they are now for the buyer. The amount is prorated from the time of closing escrow, until the time our office learns that there's a new owner and the Treasurer-Tax Collector can send an up-to-date property tax bill.

For more information on Supplemental Tax Bills see Tips for the Real Estate Professional at the end of this newsletter - or visit our website for our Supplemental Tax Estimator.

How can I get a hold of my assessment and payment history?
There are a couple of ways you can access your assessment & payment history. The easiest way is online via our Assessor Portal. This free and easy-to-use option shows you what you've been assessed over the years, as well as your payment history, and a variety of characteristics associated with your property.