Tips for Business Owners

So, are a small business owner? Entrepreneur? Or even a salesperson? Then this message is just for you. Stay tuned and check it out.

Hi, Jon Sump here with The Home Brokerage. Started doing this, a lot of thinking of this over the last few days in this new educational program at the moment. And one of the things they asked for is where we get most of our business from. So went back, started looking through it, realized that kind of had an idea but, kind of realized that over half of my business, my past clients, are business owners, or entrepreneurs, or salespeople of some kind.

And so I thought, well maybe I should start doing something to help you guys specifically. So this is just for my small business people, even thought we work with everybody in all types of jobs and careers, but just specifically to help those folks who are small business owners, because they have a little bit harder time being able to buy a home.

So just give you a few tips here. Today we're going to talk about, which is just one tip, and that tip is waiting to buy a home. And so you have your business for at least two years, because from the time you buy ... start your business, whatever you did prior to that doesn't matter anymore unless your business is in the exact same field of your last job. So if you changed fields at all, it's going to be a lot harder qualify. They have these two years of income tax returns.

So make sure you're in your business for at least two years before you're ready to buy the next house. Now, that's just not buying a house. A lot of business owners think that because they're business owners, they can't, they're not going to qualify for some reason. To buy a home or buy their second home, or move up home, or investment property. I mean, let's start thinking about, you got your busy going now, it's going successful, you really should start thinking about building your wealth and your wealth's creation team.

And we'll be talking about that in the future on another one of these, but for now, the bottom line is, as a small business owner, you find it a little bit more challenging to get mortgages. And it's true, it is a little bit more. But there are a lot of brokerages out there, there are certain things, and this is just one of many that we're going to be talking about in the future. So if you have any questions, you're own a business, salesperson, or don't, and just want more information, please feel free to give me a call anytime.

Thanks and make it a great day. Bye bye.