It is time for your New Home!

 Hey everybody,

Jon Sump here with The Home Brokerage bringing you our Thursday Thought of the Week. I was sitting here doing some research on the market, seeing what's going on in the different segments, the 200,000 to 300, the three to four, four to five, 500, all the way up to a couple million. It's just really evidently clear that right now is actually a great time for the move up buyer. You already own a home and you're thinking about buying another home, this is a phenomenal time for it because the inventory is increasing.

The interest rates are at a 21 month low right now and expected to stay that way for at least foreseeable future. Even the economists who have originally said that the latter half of 2019 is what they were saying last year was we'd have a recession at the end of '19. Then in spring that just passed, they pushed it back to mid 2020. Now, they're pushing it back to the end of 2020 maybe 2021 because the market is doing and the economy is doing so well right now, they have to keep the interest rates a little bit lower, especially in the housing market. If you're thinking about buying right now and you own a home, it's a great time.

The inventory is high on the higher end, the inventory is a little bit lower on the lower end, so you're going to be able to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. If you have a starter home or a move up home and you want to get into your final home or just a little bit bigger home, now is a phenomenal time to do that. If it's something you'd be considering, give me a call. Love to talk to you about it a little bit more. I'll have that a market update out in just a few days. That takes a lot of time to get all the information together, but I was looking at this and I thought I had to get this out here to you.

I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about what's going in the market today and how it affects you personally, give me a call. I'd love to talk to you, 209-712-5476. Jon Sump, The Home Brokerage. If this information is good to you, please like and share it. You never know who else might need this information. Thanks and as always make it a great day.