Reality TV vs Reality

So have you ever been flipping through the channels and only to find yourself glued on the couch to watching HGTV and start binge watching all the Property Brothers or the Fixer Upper or Love It or List It or the Buying Hawaii or Health Centers and all that kind of stuff. They've got a ton of them out there.
Well I want to talk about because I have some clients or friends that actually asked me if that's really how real estate works and I'm here to tell you most of it. No, it doesn't work like that at all. That's number one.
Buyers want you to look at three houses and they decide to purchase one of them. Now for the most case, that doesn't happen in most cases. I do have an average of three homes before I show it to the... a buyer decides to buy one. But I've gone as many as 10. Most realtors average between 5 and 15 homes showing a buyer before they make their decision. But it depends on if you sit down with the buyer upfront, which I spend an hour consultation upfront. Let's understand what the buyer wants, but I can show you the homes that you're interested in only.
Number two. The houses that the buyers are actually looking at on TV are still for sale. The reality is most of the ones, and I know this firsthand, most of the ones they look at are already sold and they've already picked the home before they even do the show. It's all for TV glitz and glamor. Just for your entertainment. Again, most of the homes that they're showing you on there are either already sold and/or the buyer's homes already been in escrow for quite a while.
Myth number four, if you list your home for sale it will always sell at the open house. That is the most untrue thing ever. That might work in Beverly Hills with big, huge, $100,000 parties, maybe. In Realityville USA, that doesn't work. Matter of fact, open houses only sell... The sell is caused by an open house less than 1% of the time on average according to the National Association of REALTORS. That's reality. Do open houses help? Sure, they can help with certain situations, but not always.
Well, let's see the myth number five. Homeowners decide to sell their home after five-minute conversations. Usually it's weeks and months of conversating with a realtor and their financial planner and all these things before a homeowner decides to sell their home. Depending on what they see their needs coming up to be. It's not something people decide in five minutes on a TV show, whether or not they want to keep, Love It or List It and things like that. It takes months and months and months of internal dialoguing with yourself and your spouse about whether or not you want to buy or sell a house now.
The bottom line is, is you got to have an experienced real estate professional on your side, helping you navigate through the reality of real estate, not the reality TV shows. They're furthest thing from it is to not what to reality. Anyways, as always, if you liked this video, please like it, share it below and as always, make it a great day.