Meeting With A Real Estate Professional

Hey, everybody Jon Sump here again with The Home Brokerage as you know. Welcome to The Home Brokerage Show. As you notice, we got a new title down here. We're going to be doing this new process on the step-by-step of the home selling process on Thursdays, and on Tuesdays starting next week we will be doing the home buying process step-by step-and the dos and don'ts in every step of the way for you. So step number one is obviously kind of the most simplest step, but it's also one of the most crucial steps. Step number one is meeting with and choosing your real estate agent. It's super critical at this point. When I meet with folks what I tell people is this, "Price doesn't matter. Terms doesn't matter. What matters is if we want to work together or not. Not every person is going to be right for every agent. Not every agent is going to be right for every person. Different personality styles, all of that.
But the most important thing is, is that you feel comfortable and competent that we can get the job done for you and get you what you need out of this whole transaction, okay? And manage it for you. If you don't have that confidence in the beginning, it's only going to go downhill from there, okay?"
So what are important cues to look for? The important cues to look for is that the agent knows the real estate market inside and out. The agent understands how to market your home because every home has a specific type of buyer that's going to buy it, and they got to understand how to market to the individual different types of buyers. So, once they've demonstrated how they're going to market and that they understand the market and all of that and you decide you want to work with them, that's step number one.
Make sure it's somebody that you could see yourself working with for it could be several months. So just really pay attention to that when you're getting started. And make sure that you don't just go and pick willy-nilly. Make sure they have the experience you're looking for. I mean, do you really want to trust your home to a brand new agent? Or do you really want to trust your home to somebody that's doing hundreds of deals a year that's not going to give you the time you need on your home? I mean just be careful that it suits your needs, okay? Any questions or concerns, you know how to get ahold of me. As always please like and share. Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel up top and make it a great day.