Getting Pre-Approved

Hey, everybody, Jon Sump here again with The Home Brokerage bringing you our new series, The Home Buying Process. Step number two, so by now if you're in the process, you've already mailed the lender. You've got prequalified, and you mailed the realtor and start talking about what you want in a home. But now it's number three, which is kind of piggyback back around to the lender and make sure that that pre-qualification turns into a pre-approval by getting everything the letter said you needed to get to them ASAP so they can really get that going before you even find a house. That way when you find a house, you could tell the seller you're pre-approved, not just pre-qualified.
Huge weight goes with pre-approval versus pre-qualified. Anybody can be pre-qualified; it means they meet the minimum standards. Pre-approved means you're approved. Okay. So it's huge that you want to work on that. Any questions on that, please feel free to give me a call. As always, if you like this and it helps, please like/share. Check out our YouTube channel and make it a great day.