Searching For Homes

Hey everybody, Jon Sump here again with The Home Brokerage bringing you a little tip of the week on the second series we're doing here, which is the home buying process.
So you've met with your realtor, you've gotten pre-qualified, and you're working to get pre-approved. Now it's time to do the home search. So there's a couple things you need to keep in mind when you're doing your home search. Number one, if you have met with me or any other great realtor out there that is a great realtor, we sit down and gone over what your wants, your needs, your desires, and your fantasies are when it comes to buying your next home. All the things that we've cross-referenced, we've figured out which ones are priority and which ones aren't. A great agent like myself will actually take the time to go literally picture by picture of every home in the MLS reading everything that meets even close to your criteria, excuse me, to find that perfect home for you.
So while that's going on, you're going to be bombarded with the internet. You can search up five million different real estate sites to see different houses on them. Don't waste your time. Let your realtor do their job, because a lot of times you're not going to get all the information that we get in the MLS. I mean, if it's something you just see, and you're like, "I know that's the one. I want to write an offer. I don't even have to see it," that's different. But if it's something that you've got to go take a look at and all that, you're not quite sure about, let us know about it. We'll get it together for you, but don't spend too much time there for yourself. It's going to drive yourself crazy.
When you go look at houses, I have this rule that I will not show anybody any more than three houses at a time just like they do on TV, because there's a reason. The reason is, after three homes in the same day, they all start to blend together in your mind. They do it for us, they do it for everybody. So you really want to only look at a few at a time.
But when you're leaving each home, you need to ask yourself a real important question. Are you willing to walk away from that home and let someone else buy it, or is that the right home for you? I have this firm belief that you don't need to see 5,000 homes to find the one that's right for you. Some people can find a home, I show them two or three houses, they buy one of those houses. Because number one, I take the time to understand what their wants, needs and desires are; and number two, I don't show them anything that doesn't meet that criteria. So when you're going to look at homes with me, within the first few homes, you're going to know which one is your home. You'll get that feeling when you walk in. "Man, I can really see myself living here." You'll get that kind of vibe with the home.
So when you are out looking, take your time to really feel that. If you're in the home, and it doesn't feel like this is the place you want to host Christmas at, or you don't think you're going to have birthday parties, or it doesn't feel right for you or whatever, can't see your kids playing in the yard, it is not your home. Go on to the next home. But ask yourself that question after every home you look at. "Can I see myself living here?" And if so, "Am I willing to let it go?" Because you got to make a decision quickly, especially in some markets. Today is not so bad, but in a lot of markets you really have to make a decision quickly. But think about that when you're going to look, if it doesn't meet your criteria, can you see yourself living there? Then think about it as you're walking out the door, "Am I willing to let this one go to go look at another one or should I go write this one up myself?" Helps you make the decision a lot easier.
I hope this has been helpful. If it has been, please like and share. Check out our YouTube channel and make it a great day.