Listing The Home

This is Jon Sump with Home Brokerage going over our home selling process. So far you've met with a realtor, you established what the price should be, you've got your home prepared. Now it's time to get the home actually on the market. What does that mean? What that means is we're going to do some paperwork with the listing contract if we haven't done it already. For me, for any good agent out there, you're going to take about a week to two weeks before it actually hits the market. We can actually get out with our photographer or videographer, any staging that needs to be done and all of those things. Get everything prepared so it can hit the market.
I have specific days of the week I like to hit the market. Some days are way better than others, and we'll discuss that in person if you'd like to talk about it. But you need to be a little flexible in how it hits the market. If you have an agent that's just going to sign the contract to put on the market the next day, I'd highly reconsider. You have to have time to get the photographer out, the videographer out, get all those things completed and back so you can get the flyers made, the videos made, and get them where they need to go before it hits the market. So it's all ready to hit the market at the same time.
Then the last part of getting your home on the market, because like I said before, you want to make it accessible. What does that mean? What that means is you want to make sure there's a lock box on the home. If people have to make an appointment at your home at the same time and all that is the worst thing you want to do when selling your home. You want to have buyers have time in your home to feel comfortable. If you're there, as nice as you are, it's still going to make them feel uncomfortable. They need to be able to walk through the home, imagining their own life in the home, not worried about taking too much time away from you. And they will worry about every single time.
Make sure you get an agent that's going to put a lockbox on the home. Make sure it's accessible all the time. A lot of times with my clients, we actually have it set up to where we put the lockbox on the home. Any agent from any other company contacts the owner directly to set appointments, but what I would do most of the time, and they just leave a message of when they're going to be coming to see the home, so the homeowner knows when they're coming, and when they need to go for a walk or whatever. That's what you have to really do is just take a walk around the block, wait for them to leave, then you can go back. I'm not telling you to take a trip or anything like that.
If you have pets, just take them with you for a walk. That's a cat, obviously you can't take a cat for walk, but in some cases you can. But just make sure that the house is accessible. Make sure people don't have to jump through hoops to get into your house. And those are really the most important things. Hopefully it's been helpful. If it has, please like it and share it below. Check out our YouTube channel, subscribe, and make it a great day.