Small Business owner Tip 2

Hey, everybody. Jon Sump here with The Home Brokerage, we're always putting your home first, and our series on helping small business owners.

So, the question is ... I do hear from some small business owners: why is it so important to declare all their income properly? Well, here's the reason: when it comes to buying a home, it's the most critical thing. See, if you don't declare all your income, and you're in a cash-heavy business, and you just set aside cash and things like that, when it comes to buying a home, you can't prove how much money you have. You can't prove how much money you make. And therefore, you can't qualify for a home you so really deserve. That's why you want to declare it. I know there's other reasons why you don't. Taxes. But you'll get the more benefit out of declaring it than you'll wind up paying in taxes, especially if you have a great CPA. If you need one, call me. I've got a phenomenal CPA.

But anyways, make sure you declare it if you want to get the most house you can get, and that you and your family deserve after all your hard work in building a business for your family. What good is it if you can't do anything with it, right?

So, any other questions, feel free to call me. If you like this, you know another business owner, please share or invite them to the group we'll be creating soon, and make it a great day. Thanks. Bye-bye.