Real Estate Market update 5.20.19

Hey everybody, Jon Sump here. With the Home Brokerage, we're always putting your home first. So just doing a quick market update here. We're going to be doing these every couple of weeks. You'll stay really up to date on what's going on in today's market.


So we're going to do real quick, four categories.

First category is, from 200 to 300,000. In that range, as of today, so far this month there's a 193 available for sale. There is 220 that are currently pending. And month to day, 68 sold. The average price for sale is at 257,800. And the average price sold is 252. Days on the market average for that price range is 48 days. What the difference is, is the ones that are the nicest condition, priced properly, sell the quickest. Keep that in mind.


The next category is from 300 to 400. If I can change the page here. In that price range right now as we speak there's 230 homes for sale in that price range in Stockton Lodi area.

216 are in escrow. And 81 have sold so far this month. The average time on the market was 29 days. And the asking price of the ones available are at 355. But the sold price of the ones sold is at 345. So there's that range.


The next range is from 400 to 500. And in that range we have 121 on the market right now. We've got 93 in escrow, and 27 that have sold so far this month. The average time on the market was 35 days for the ones that sold. The average price on the market right now is a 449. Yet the median price sold as at 440. So, a little bit of a gap there.


And in the last range, the 500,000 and up category, which does go quite a bit. The highest price that's for sale right now is that 2,900,000. But that range there is 117 homes for sale between Stockton and Lodi. 36 in escrow, and only 20 sold for the month.

The average time on the market for the ones sold was only 33 days if it's priced right. The median price available is 669. The median price sold though is 578. So, hope that's helpful for you. If you have any other questions, concerns, or whatever regarding any of these price ranges, or just want to find out where your home is priced at, please feel free to give me a call anytime. And as always, make it a great day.