Whats the Interest rates today? 6.4.19

What's going on with the interest rates? Stay tuned to find out.

Hey everybody, Jon Sump here with The Home Brokerage, bringing you another Tuesday tip of the week. Man, if you're thinking about buying, now is a phenomenal time. The interest rates are going back down. From what I understand, they'll be in the mid to high threes, so 3.7, 3.9-ish right now. I mean, this is what they were back in 2017, and before that, back in 1961. So this is a great time for thinking about buying.

If you own a home already, man, you better call me. Get with a good lender. If you need one, I've got a phenomenal one. It's a great time to refinance. If you've got a interest rate that's over 4%, right now's the time to refinance it down to the 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, whatever we can do today. Give me a call if you need help with that, I'd be glad to help you. And if you think this is time for you to do it, again, call me.

And please, as always, if this is helpful for you, please like it and share it for me. There might be somebody you know that's thinking about this and needs this help today. So anyways, give me a call when you get a chance. Love to talk to you more about it. And other than that, make it a great day. Thanks, bye bye.