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Who is on your team?

Who’s on your team?


When it comes to buying and selling your home, you are the coach of your team. When it comes time to put your roster together, what criteria do you look for in a good player? What positions need to be filled?


In this process, your real estate agent is your quarterback. They hear what you want and make the game plan happen. They also work as a team player with all others involved to get the win. They understand they need to be strategic, flexible, and direct to get the job done.


Here are just a few questions to consider when hiring your quarterback…


  • Do they know the current state of the market you are selling or buying in?
  • Do they have an online presence?
  • Do they have a marketing plan that is unique and targeted?
  • Do they know about the community in which you are selling or buying? Schools? Restaurants? Parks? Etc…
  • Do they advise and help make this the best process for you as possible?
  • Are they just a “Yes Person”?
  • Do they take everything that they can off your plate, as you already have so much to do?


Selling and buying your home is a team effort. Make sure you have the right quarterback to get the job done.