...It's Cold Outside!

Fall here in Antioch, IL has come and gone and winter is here.  Were you hoping to list your home last year and never really got around to it?  Did you plan on moving into your dream home last summer but had too many other things to get done?  Now what?

Don't give up, stay motivated and committed.  Put your jacket and boots on and get out and see some houses.  House hunting is exciting and there are still plenty of beautiful homes for sale in the colder months.  Even if now is not the time for you list your home, you can still tour properties and get an idea of the features and layouts that work best for you.  I love touring new construction model homes that are perfectly staged, I feel like I get so many great decorating ideas.  

Take a look around your own home in the meantime.  You're going to be spending a lot more time inside in the coming months, so take advantage of it and get some of the small improvement projects completed.  Sometimes getting the little things done like painting or redecorating can make a huge difference for when you do plan on selling.  Lookup the current trends, be mindful of what would work best for you and appeal to others.   

Take this time to plan it out.  Get pre-approved for financing, think about your budget, and possible locations to move to.  Consider home size and layouts, neighborhoods and schools.  Talk to a Realtor and let them know what you're looking for and see what resources that they can help you with.  Get excited, make your plan and when the time comes, you will feel well prepared and ready to make the right move!