Interior Design Trends

Are you in love with interior design and are always on the lookout for the latest trends? So am I! I love everything real estate and of course that includes designing! Staging and keeping up with the current trends is such a big part of real estate. I have included all of my research from multiple sources about interior design changes and the new trends in 2020!

#1 Farm house style.

I personally love the farm house style. I love me some subway tiles, barn doors and linen. People definitely have some mixed feelings about the farm house design but it is not leaving us yet! Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines I think farmhouse design will be here to stay for a while. I think it gives a cozy and homy feeling to the area. But in 2020 it will be more of a chick design with more patters and colors and less of a cluttered busy feel.


#2 Mixing Patters.

So for a while matching was more popular than a mix of things but now different accent pillows, wall paper, rugs or paintings do not have to be the same! Mixing Patters and colors has become more popular and it will continue to do so in the new year. I think since grey and neutral tones have been popular for so long we are starting to crave those patterns and colors again for a change.


#3 Two Toned Kitchens

They are becoming more and more popular especially black and white! It just creates such a great contrast and since so many of us love our white cabinets this is such a simple way to give your kitchen a new look. You can simply paint the bottom cabinets or the island black and you’re in style! If you’re too worried about the black you can also go with a grey color and add a natural wood as a shelve or countertop and give that area a brighter warmer feel.


#4Neutral Woods

I have been crazy about natural wood elements in the house since I went to Mexico in August. The whole hotel was designed with natural wood. It was so elegant but warm and gave so much natural brightness to an area. You can add a floating shelf, barn door or an island countertop to give your area a little bit of that feel.


#5 Black paint

It is the new popular interior color and especially mate black. Black with hues of Green or Blue are also among popular colors. Dark colors are making their way back. You can keep up with this trend by create a mate black accent wall, paint a bedroom, or your kitchen cabinets or an island. It would be an easy and inexpensive way to transform your space. Just make sure to not paint a small dark space black since it will close in the area and make it seem smaller. However when paired with the right accents it is an elegant calming choice.

#6 Mixing metals

You no longer have to have all of your metals matching, adding some gold kitchen hardware with black light fixtures and stainless steel appliances is in. I am very excited about this trend in 2020 as I actually did this in my kitchen and bathroom last year. I think mixing all of the metals gives a space more character and uniqueness. Why should we be confined to just one when we can use them all!

#7Using Geometric Designs.

The Moroccan design is no longer popular as it was so widely used for many years. 2020 design style involves using geometric shapes to add character and a design element to your space.


#8 Kitchen Backsplash

It is getting more bold with brighter colors and unique patters. In style is also carrying your countertop material over to the backsplash and creating a seamless smooth look.

#9 Using Classic Velvet Furniture.

Velvet furniture gives a room a warm comfortable feeling and the best part is that it comes in many different colors. I think velvet furniture is a great decor item because you can add so much character to a space.

#10 Decluttered Open Space.

Minimalistic style is still popular as we’ve seen in 2019 but with more personal art and decor vs bare white walls.


Now for the bonus!  Even though neutral tones are still In. Trends are becoming more bold and colorful so the best way to achieve that look is to use this color wheel! It makes it really easy as you just pair the colors opposite of each other which are called complimentary colors and this give you the ability to decorate with a lot of colors that will look beautiful together. 

Let me know if you have any design questions!