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Choosing the Best Face Mask for Your Face Type

During the last year, people the world over have come to wear face masks. For many people, the idea of walking around in one on a daily basis was never even a vague idea. Together with that, they also found that not all masks work equally well. 

What most people forget is that not everyone has the same type of face. This ultimately has a huge effect on the comfort and, to a degree, the effectiveness of a facemask. Here are a couple of tips to follow when choosing the right mask for your face. 

Figuring out your preference

Some people are pragmatists and others are more concerned about aesthetics than functionality. Preference is the first thing to figure out when choosing a face mask. 

It does not matter how well or functional a mask is, if it is going to irritate you, then the days are going to drag on and the chances are that the mask is going to come off your face more often than it should. 

When it comes to preference, the two biggest deciding factors to take into account is style and material. When you have a good idea about what you can live with, the rest becomes less difficult.

The styles of masks

The two main styles or types of masks that have taken prevalence is the ear hook mask and string tie masks. Optimally Organic, the popular brand, caters to the environmentally conscious people by producing organic string tie face masks and a host of other natural products.

All their materials are organic and sustainably sourced and are of the best quality around. When you do not enjoy an elastic around your ear, then a string tie mask is for you, but when you know that time of the essence, then an ear hook or elastic mask is what you need. 


Some people are much more touch-sensitive than others. For this reason, determining the right fabric for your mask is essential. There are numerous mask materials around, but you will know which ones work better for you. 

If soft and flexible is what you are after, then a cotton mask is perfect for you. Some masks are made from a thin sponge material that is very easy on the ears of the ear hook mask is your jam. The best way to figure out which material works for you is to try out a couple.


Not everyone has the same size head, which has a significant impact on how well a face mask will fit. If you constantly have to lift your mask over your nose, then it is a clear sign that the mask is not right. If you are going to wear a mask, then you should ensure that it serves a purpose, at least. 

When it comes to the size of the mask, the length, as well as the height of the mask, needs to work for you. The other aspect to look at is the nose arch. The perfect mask naturally hooks underneath the chin and slightly over the nose. A proper mask has the nose arch worked into the design and ensures a comfortable fit. 


Some masks breathe easier than others and for active athletes, it is essential to have a mask that allows for natural and unrestricted breathing. 

Although these masks are considerably more expensive it is worth the extra bit of money. The activity that you find yourself engaged in on a daily basis is very important and should not be ignored when choosing a face mask.