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Planning Your First Post-COVID-19 Trip

Everyone has put their travel plans on hold while the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. However, this time won’t last forever - there will be an end to it. While you’re waiting, there’s nothing to stop you planning your first trip post-pandemic. Planning your trip may just help you to cope with the present circumstances and give you something to look forward to.  

While you’re dreaming about exploring places near and far, you can prepare yourself in practical ways too, such as buying new carry-on luggage. A Monos Carry-on has a solid build and award-winning design, comes with a lifetime guarantee and makes the perfect travel companion.  

Choose close, familiar destinations 

When planning, you should think long term, perhaps even into 2021. You may want to choose road trips over flights at first and take extra care that the places where you choose to stay have high standards of cleanliness and safety. You will probably want to avoid any buffets in hotels and rather choose accommodation where you can make your own meals.  

Look for affordable flights 

If you don’t have a specific trip in mind, you can search for affordable flights online, which may determine where you decide to go. When you’re browsing, think about what you want out of your next trip.  

Think about past trips you have taken and what you gained from them as well as those which disappointed you so you can narrow down what you truly want to do next. 

Dive into the details of somewhere new 

 You may decide to travel somewhere completely new to you on every level. You can spend time reading more about the history of your destination, watch documentaries about the place and find out more about the culture.  

Researching beyond the basic logistics of a trip is enjoyable and helps you get more out of the experience when you eventually arrive at your destination. 

Use social media for inspiration 

On Instagram, you may find plenty of inspiration for your trip. For example, if you follow chefs working in a certain place, you will find out more about what kind of food you will be able to experience. You may also find interesting locals to follow, including artists, and discover studios etc. you may want to visit.  

Keep your research organized 

As you do your research, you will find places you want to see, restaurants where you’d like to eat, museums you want to explore and much more. Tools like Google Docs can help you to organize your research. You can even star interest points on Google Maps and download a map to make it available even if you don’t have cell service or internet access.  

Don’t make a booking too hastily 

There are various things that have to happen before travel gets an all-clear. It is also difficult to make predictions of where and when it will be safe to travel.  

At a time like this, you need to have access to the latest information on everything from insurance policy updates to itinerary changes. It will be helpful to have a travel agent keep you up to date and tell you when it’s the right time to book.  

Be ready for new adventures 

When the world re-opens, our travel experiences may change but we can still count on its positive impact. The pandemic is making us all realize how to appreciate what we have.  

Afterwards, we may be more ready than ever before to experience new adventures. We can be grateful for trips we were able to take in the past and look forward to experiencing world travel again with wonder and gratitude.