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How to Take Quality College Graduation Photos


Graduation is no doubt one of the most important milestones in the life of any young person. It’s, therefore, very important to do everything possible to mark this occasion with memorable photos. 

Taking quality photos takes more than just snapping a camera. There are a few other things you must consider and in fact, we have a few tips here below that will easily help you out.

  1. The Hat Toss is Key

The hat toss is the most iconic tradition of any college graduation ceremony. It’s very important that it’s captured perfectly. This could be one of the hardest photos to capture. 

However, for the best possible result, consider shooting from a low angle so that the sky forms the perfect backdrop. 

Additionally, make sure there’s enough space above the heads of each participant so that you capture both the people and the caps high up in the air. 

This is one of those simple grad cap ideas but it really delivers amazing nostalgia years down the line. Besides, in case you’re using a modern professional camera, make sure to use the wide-angle lens to your advantage.

  1. Let the Photos Tell a Story 

There’s no doubt a single image can capture a moment that lasts forever. But it can rarely tell a story. To make your graduation even more meaningful, consider capturing a series of photos that tell a narrative. 

Make it a chronological series of events right from the moment you leave the house to the last minute of the day. 

This kind of approach won’t only capture the emotions of this amazing day but will also bring in your loved ones in every single shot.

  1. Try to Capture the Emotions 

A graduation ceremony is filled with fun and excitement. I mean, it’s perhaps the most special day in college and as such, the joy that rents the air has to be fully captured in the photos. 

For instance, take a few shots of family and friends embracing the graduate and sharing a warm moment together. Ensure there are also shots of laughter, smiles, and even tears of joy if possible.

  1. Capture the College as a Backdrop 

Seeing that the college campus has been your home for a few years, it would be weird to leave without capturing some images of it. 

The best way to do it is to make it the backdrop of some of your photos. After all, if you’re going to tell people you went to Harvard, you best make sure there are some photos to back up your claims.

  1. Shoot Photos with Your Best Friends 

The friends you make in college will probably be your friends forever. So, it’s important to ensure that your best buddies are also part and parcel of your graduation bliss. 

And don’t just take any photos. Make them a bit more meaningful. For instance, you can go back to the building that you met for the first time and take a photo there.