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Cool Ideas for Setting Up Your Work from Home Workstation

Since working from home has become a new normal for millions of people, home office design ideas are among the most-searched terms online. Whereas everyone was making temporary plans to work from home, people are now looking for more permanent solutions.

The correct ergonomic setup and equipment are essential for avoiding muscle strains and injuries. Additionally, these factors play into your productivity. Here are some cool ideas to consider:


Since you will spend so much time at your workstation, choose a décor style you favor. While some people prefer minimalist, clean lines when selecting office furniture, your taste might run to something more rustic or vintage. 

If this is the case, shop online for a second-hand wooden desk to put in your office or workspace. Some older desks are higher than modern ones as they predate computers. You might need to trim your second-hand desk’s legs to make it more comfortable.

Finish your vintage setup with some accessories, like a wooden docking station from teslyar.com. These products are even popular among modern office design enthusiasts as they are functional, versatile, and bring a little of the outdoors to an office space.

Personalize your space

Many remote workers have pets that keep them company while they are working. When designing your workspace, find a place to put your dog or cat’s basket so that they can take a nap while you are busy. Put some motivational or inspirational quotes up on a noticeboard or the wall to make the space yours.

If you have fallen victim to walking to the kitchen for a snack and not returning to your desk until an hour or two have passed, rethink this approach. Put a coffee machine, small refrigerator, water cooler, or anything else you need to get through a workday in your office. It minimizes how much time you spend on breaks, allowing you to remain optimally productive.


Those who work from a home office permanently will find it easier to use a desktop computer. The screen is bigger and much easier on the eye. However, if you plan to move between locations or work at a coffee shop given an opportunity, a laptop is perfect. If your current computer is a bit outdated, look online for something more modern. 

The remaining equipment, such as a printer, scanner, and copier, might be optional. However, consider acquiring such equipment if it enhances your productivity.


As mentioned before, a home office is yours to decorate as you wish. Choose functional furniture, such as a desk and chair. However, ensure that both will offer your back and neck the necessary support to prevent aches and strains. 

An ergonomic, supportive office chair should be a priority and something that you are prepared to spend a little extra to acquire. As you spend so many hours at your desk, a chair that does not help you maintain good posture will cause discomfort.

Set the mood

If you like music playing in the background while working, there will not be any more arguments with colleagues about what to listen to. You might prefer to listen to the radio or create a playlist of your favorite songs to play while you get down to business.

Repaint your home office walls with a calming color that promotes productivity, such as paler shades of blue, yellow, green, or purple, depending on your taste. Alternatively, let your imagination run wild and choose a color scheme or wallpaper that inspires you. Add some artwork to the walls or place a few pot plants in the office to create a warm atmosphere.