Important home decisions Sell or Buy

Here are some simple but extremely important points with respect to buying AND selling your home!!

Simple & to the point w/o the fluff

Buying a Condemned House
Is it a deal breaker? You’ll have to consider the total cost compared to the average home value in the neighborhood, as well as consider how long you’re staying at that home.
Just be cautious of the money you have to put into the home vs getting appraised for a lot less than what you put into it.

Buying a House With Mold
Is this fear reasonable..yes!!
Is it a "stay away" topic? Probably

Buying a House With Uneven Floors
NOT a deal breaker!! Odds are it's a seller cost
Usually NOT a deal breaker

Buying a House With Foundation Issues
Having the proper foundation expert give a cost of damages is key!!
The longer an owner waits the worse it is.
High probability it is a deal breaker due to expense.

Buying a House With Radon
Not really a deal breaker!!
It's a common soil element.
Search if anything has been done about radon mitigation!!
NOT a deal breaker!!


Buying a House With Lead Paint

Banned in 1978 with new EPA rules in 2010-hire a EPA professional.

No deal breaker here!!

Buying a House With Asbestos

Asbestos is not banned. It's not good though.Not a deal breaker but you need to get it taken care of properly.

Deal Breaker? No, but get it removed or enclosed ASAP.

Buying a House With Termites
Deal breaker depending on the damage. Have an extensive inspection.